Mobile Saddle & Tack Repairs

Call in Michael Jennings for saddle and other tack repairs, rug repairs and a specialised saddle fitting service. This service is designed to meet the very specific demands of riding schools and other equestrian centres.

I travel to many regions of the UK and even some parts of Europe.
Its never been easier to keep your riders happy. Michael Jennings is your first choice for repair work to any equestrian school or related establishment. From smaller inner city community riding centres, your needs are covered. All these superb services are available for:

  • Large equestrian centres
  • Commercial riding establishments
  • Any size of riding school
  • Community riding centres

Enjoy total convenience with Michael Jennings. Your tack repairs and saddle fitting is carried out on site, so inconvenience for you and your clients is kept to a minimum.

Saddle Fitting Service

Badly fitting saddles can cause sore backs and a poor performance from your horses, it's better to prevent than to cure!

Saddles are checked for fit and adjustments to trees and panels are carried out on-site. I use only the best pure wool for flocking (stuffing) saddle panels for maximum comfort.

Licensing and Inspections

I provide a service checking and repairing saddles and bridles and refitting/reflocking saddles prior to annual council, Association of British Riding Schools and British Horse Society inspections.

Contact me when you know the approximate date of your inspections so that we can agree a date to check and repair/refit your school tack.

Contact Michael Jennings on 0800 756 3661 for mobile tack repairs as well as expert saddle fitting, wherever you are. Alternatively, e-mail me at for more information.

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