Saddle Fitting

Why should you have your horse's saddle checked?

It's much better and easier to prevent a back problem than it is to cure one.

A correctly fitted, balanced saddle can improve the performance of horse and rider.

Fitting a saddle requires a knowledge and understanding of the horse's anatomy and physiology combined with the skill to adjust the saddle to fit.

saddle fitting

It is really important that the saddle is correctly fitted and balanced so as to optimise the comfort and performance of horse and rider.

An thorough assessment of the saddle, horse and rider if appropriate is done initially to make sure that the saddle is appropriate for the intended use.

If the saddle needs the flocking or the tree adjusted, or a complete reflock this is done on site.

on site saddle fitting

Unlike some saddlers, I don't take the saddle away to do the alterations, that way I can check the progress as I go.

I use pure washed sheep wool to flock the panel, smoothing out any lumps and make sure the panel has a good contact with the horse's back.

When I have finished adjusting the saddle I do a final check with the rider mounted to ensure everything is as it should be and that horse and rider are happy with the end result.

The whole process takes up to an hour, but can sometimes longer.

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